Exploring The World Of Turkish Women Dating

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International dating is becoming more popular lately. Men and women can meet even when they live thousands of miles apart. We now have access to different cultures and viewpoints. Sometimes, we feel more connected to people from abroad. In other cases, people are simply into some nations. Many men want to date Turkish women because of their beauty.

Turkey is a Muslim country, yet it has a more relaxed perception of dating. People don’t get married without dating in Turkey. It’s a beautiful country with an eventful history and gorgeous women. If you’re into attractive Turkish ladies, check out this Turkish women dating guide. 

Turkish Women Dating

What Are Turkish Girls Like?

If you’re into Turkish women dating, you should know more about Turkish ladies. Turkish women are stunning. Turkey is located at a crossroads between Europe and Asia. As a result, Turkish ladies have European, Asian, and Mediterranean ancestries. This peculiarity makes them so attractive. 

Turkish women, on average, have round faces with feminine facial characteristics. They have brown hair tones and eye colors ranging from black to light blue. Due to Asian origin, eyes are often almond-shaped rather than round. Although natural blonde hair is uncommon, a large proportion of Turkish women dye their hair blonde.

The average Turkish lady isn’t too tall, and they are between 5.1-5.5 ft. However, you may find ladies who look like top models height-wise. Their physical appearance makes men want to start dating Turkish women. However, their unique looks are not the only prominent trait.

Typically, dating a Turkish girl differs from dating any other Muslim lady. Even though most Turkish people believe in Islam, it’s not as strict in Turkey. People date each other, and they even have sexual relationships before marriage. Some people even drink alcohol and like clubbing. Thus, it should be easier for you to date ladies in Turkey.

However, most Turkish ladies are family-oriented. They aren’t against casual dating, but they rarely want to waste their time on dead-end relationships. You should have serious intentions if you are into dating a Turkish woman. 

How Do Turkish Women Dating Charm Men? 

Even though dating in Turkey is common in urban areas, there are still some challenges. There is a strong societal expectation that unmarried singles of opposite genders mustn’t express interest or fondness for each other in public. 

As a result, individuals socialise in groups or at events where they will not attract public attention. People usually date when intending to marry. So, how do women charm men if Turkish culture dating isn’t encouraging women to be leaders? 

dating a turkish girl

Here are a few things Turkish women do to charm men:

Since you know how Turkish women show interest in men and what tricks they use to charm them, let’s see how you can attract them. 

How To Attract Turkish Single Girls? 

A typical Turkish woman wants to get married. Thus, you shouldn’t approach a Turkish woman if you don’t have serious intentions. If you’re interested in long-term relationships, here is what you can do to attract single Turkish girls:

According to Turkish dating customs, you may use these tips to attract women. 

marrying a turkish woman

How To Date Turkish Women: Dating Advice 

We have some good news for you about Turkish dating. Dating in Turkey isn’t too different from dating in the U.S. and other western countries. However, you should account for a few differences. Here are a few valuable tips when dating women from Turkey:

These are basic tips, but they work to start romantic relationships. Then it’s up to you to figure out things that your girlfriend likes. 

Do Turkish Ladies Make Good Wives?

As mentioned, Turkey girls aren’t as religious as most women from Muslim countries. Don’t get it wrong, though; they genuinely believe in Islam and try to live according to the rules. However, the situation isn’t as strict as in other Muslim countries.

But the good part is that Turkish female features include being family-oriented. Turkish women are into traditional values and having a family. Even though more women today choose to marry later in life, even after reaching 30, they still want to have families.

Thus, ladies from Turkey prefer families over anything else. They want to preserve their relationships and have a family with kids. There are a few characteristics that make Turkish women perfect wives:

The simple answer is that women from Turkey become great wives because they want to have families. They watch their parents have tender relationships towards one another, so they have great role models.

typical turkish woman

What Are Some Of The Most Common Mistakes Made When Dating Turkish Women? 

If you’re into girls from Turkey, you should know things that attract them and, more important, things that repel ladies from Turkey. Here are a few things to avoid:

Hopefully, now you know more about what are Turkish women like. Avoid these typical behaviors to have a chance at building a romantic relationship.

Fun Facts About Dating A Woman From Turkey


No wonder men are attracted to Turkish hot women. These beauties have some of the most striking physical appearances due to mixes of various nationalities because of historical events in the past.

Some say that Turkish beauties are very exotic. They look like Europeans with a tad of Asian and Mediterranean beauty. However, their beauty is not the thing that attracts men the most.

Turkish women are family-oriented and have traditional family values. Turkish ladies are the best choice if your ideal family consists of a husband, a wife, and a few kids. Moreover, marriage between people of different religions is accepted and recognized in Turkey!