A Comprehensive Guide On Turkish Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

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Getting married is a critical point in the life of every man or woman. But what if you can’t find love among local men and women? In that case, consider international dating. Turkish brides are some of the most beautiful women in the world due to various peculiarities. Keep reading the article to learn more. 

Top Cities To Find An Turkish Bride:Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya.
Average Turkish Mail Order Bride Age:28-28 years.
Average Turkish Mail Order Brides Price:Around $7,000-$14,000 (depending on your spending habits and location in Turkey).
Success Rate Of Marriages With Turkish Wives:Around 70%.
Turkish Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:Around 8% (according to 2021 statistics).

Turkish Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

Even though the majority of the population in Turkey believes in Islam, Turkey is not your regular Muslim country. Turkish women aren’t forced to wear hijabs or cover their figures, hair, or faces. Turkish mail brides have more freedom and can be considered independent. Typically, a Turkish bride graduates from school then applies for a University to get a degree, then starts working on her career. 

Turkish Brides

So, the situation isn’t much different from the one in other countries. Men won’t have difficulties finding single beautiful Turkish brides to start dating. Moreover, you don’t even have to be Muslim to marry a Turkish woman. According to Turkish laws, Turkish women and men can marry those of other religions. However, can one assume that Turkish women for marriage are perfect wives?

Yes, in fact, one can call Turkish wives perfect. Even though Turkish women are independent and can get married whenever they want, they still believe in a traditional family. A perfect family in the eyes of a typical Turkish woman is a family with kids. 

Pros And Cons Of Turkish Women For Marriage 



Turkish Women

Cost Of A Turkish Mail Order Bride

First things first, there is no such thing as buying a Turkish wife. You can find a Turkish mail order bride online, though. Overall, the term Turkish mail order bride means that a Turkish bride is marrying a foreigner. You’re a mail order husband in this situation. So, if you can’t mail order a Turkish bride, you can’t talk about the Turkish wife’s cost, correct? Yes! However, you can talk about the cost of finding a Turkish bride.

That’s what this section is about: the cost of finding a Turkish bride when using different search means. You can skip the explanation part and check out the table at the end of the section. It reveals the cost of dating Turkish females when visiting Turkey and using online dating websites. 

Now, let’s dive into the details of finding a Turkish girl for marriage when traveling to Turkey. The good news is that living in Turkey is more than 80% cheaper than living in the U.S. Moreover, rent is almost 90% cheaper in Turkey compared to the States. So, it’s clear that you can afford a comfortable living in Turkey.

Turkey is a spectacular country by all means. It has a rich history, amazing cuisine, and a great culture. So, you can combine your search for a Turkish mail order wife with exploring a different culture and enjoying the views. Overall, it takes around six months to find a Turkish wife, and people report that they spend around $1,200 monthly. So, you can spend around $7,000 to find a Turkish bride.

However, if you want to be even more precise and accurate with your search for a Turkish woman, you can use an online dating website. Only when you meet a Turkish woman and fall in love can you travel to Turkey and start dating. Thus, you have a higher chance of falling in love with that lady.

Moreover, you can easily meet Turkish women looking for American men online. Thus, you don’t waste time trying to find a Turkish woman willing to marry a foreigner. The cost of using a dating website depends on your subscription plan. A monthly subscription ranges from around $25 to $35. However, when covering a yearly subscription, users pay around $15. Now, see the table below.

When traveling to Turkey:From $7,000 to $14,000. 
When using Turkish mail order bride websites:$100-$300.
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Reasons Why Turkish Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men 

So, what are the reasons for foreign men to marry Turkish brides? Turkish mail order brides are not against taking on traditional female responsibilities, such as raising children. However, most modern Turkish brides prefer sharing responsibilities with their husbands since they keep their careers to support the family financially.

What do you get if you marry a Turkish bride? You get to live with an extremely attractive bride from Turkey, who is a great cook and a loving wife. This beautiful Turkish bride is intelligent and wants to keep her job, so your family should be well-off. You will have children with your Turkish wife, but she will definitely want you involved in raising them and helping with the household. So, life with a Turkish bride sounds amazing.

Places To Get An Turkish Bride

We’ve already mentioned a few options for how foreign men can meet Turkish women. However, let’s dive deeper into the details. 


The easiest and most effective way of finding a Turkish bride is by using dating apps. One can use Tinder to find Turkish women, but then you would have to visit Turkey. However, men can consider serious dating websites. By serious, we mean those dating apps that cater to people who want to settle down. 

Some of the most suitable apps are Lovehabibi, Muslima, InternationalCupid, Match, eHarmony, and other similar websites. These websites are affordable and have precise matchmaking features. You may take your time and find the right Turkish woman. If she fits your ideals, then you may visit her in Turkey. 


You may travel to Turkey or seek local communities if you are interested in marrying a Turkish woman. The easiest way is still to use a combination of dating websites and offline methods. If you use a Turkish mail order bride website to find a bride, then it may turn out that the perfect woman lives in the same state as you do. If not, you may travel to Turkey since it’s a marvelous country worthy to visit at least once in a lifetime. 

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Love Stories With Brides From Turkey

If you’re debating whether to start using online or offline means of finding a Turkish bride, here are a few success stories from happy couples:

Author Conclusion

If you had bad luck dating local women, it may be time to start dating foreign ladies. Women from Turkey are family-oriented, beautiful, and intelligent. Their physical attractiveness is undebatable. They become perfect wives and mothers while combining their personal life and a career. 

You may either visit Turkey or use dating websites. If you’re lucky, you may meet women from Turkey in your country. Ladies from Turkey often study or work abroad, so you have great chances. However, if you’re determined to find love, it’s best to take matters into your own hands and start an active search. 

People in Turkey are modern and respectful. Even though they preserve old traditions in rural areas, people in big cities prefer to live just like the rest of the world. If you meet beautiful women from Turkey, they are not against dating before marriage. Moreover, even religion won’t ban you from dating or getting married. You can marry a woman from Turkey even without turning to Islam. So, definitely consider dating these beauties, as they are perfect!