Everything You Need to Know About the Thai Mail Order Bride Cost

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Mail order brides have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many men seeking wives from countries such as Thailand. However, the process of finding and marrying a Thai mail order bride can be costly. In this article, we explore the factors that impact the price of a Thai bride, how to verify the legality of buying a bride, and the average prices for Thai brides compared to other countries. We also provide tips on how to find a reputable agency for mail order brides.

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Factors Impacting the Price of a Thai Mail Order Bride

The cost of a Thai mail-order bride can vary based on several factors. These include the agency chosen, the age and education level of the bride and the number of trips required to meet the bride in person. Factors such as the bride’s family background and social status can also influence the price.

Here are more details about each of the factors:

It’s important to note that these factors can vary depending on the agency and individual circumstances. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly research and consider all factors before deciding on a Thai mail-order bride.

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Verifying the Legality of Buying a Thai Bride

Verifying the legality of buying a Thai mail-order bride is essential to avoid scams and legal issues. In Thailand, marriage agencies are required to be registered with the government and adhere to certain regulations. It is also recommended to consult a lawyer to ensure all legal requirements are met.

It is also important to remember that the cultural differences between the groom’s country and the bride’s country can pose challenges in the marriage. Language barriers, differences in customs and traditions, and other cultural factors can create difficulties. Both the groom and bride must be willing to compromise and work together to build a successful marriage.

Average Prices for Thai Mail Order Brides Compared to Other Countries

The cost of a mail order bride from Thailand can vary significantly depending on the agency and other factors. On average, a Thai bride can cost between $10,000 and $20,000. This is comparable to the cost of mail-order brides from countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

CountryAverage Cost of Mail Order Bride
Thailand$10,000 – $20,000
Philippines$8,000 – $15,000
Vietnam$5,000 – $20,000

How To Find a Reputable Agency For Mail Order Brides

To find a reputable agency for mail order brides, it is important to do research and read reviews from other customers. It is also recommended to choose an agency registered with the government and with a proven track record of successful matches.

It is worth noting that the price of a Thai mail-order bride can also be impacted by additional expenses such as visas, travel expenses, and translation services. These costs should be factored into the overall price when considering the affordability of a mail order bride. Additionally, it is important to approach the process cautiously and ensure that both the bride and the groom enter the marriage willingly and clearly understand the expectations and responsibilities involved.


In conclusion, finding and marrying a Thai mail order bride can be costly, but there are ways to ensure that the process is legal and reputable. By considering the factors that impact the price, verifying the legality of the process, and finding a reputable agency, men can successfully find a Thai bride and start a new life together.