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Slavic brides have a long and rich history. For centuries, they have been sought after by men from all over the world for their beauty, grace, and loyalty. Today, Slavic brides are still highly sought-after, and they come from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. They are raised with the belief that family is the most important thing in life, and they will do everything they can to make their husbands and children happy. In addition, Slavic brides are renowned for their cooking skills and their ability to keep a home clean and organized. If you are looking for a beautiful and faithful wife, a Slavic bride may be the perfect choice for you.

Best Girls Profiles

> 2 800
girls online
≈ 3 300
visits per day
≈ 3 200
girls online
> 6 000
visits per day
> 2 800
girls online
> 4 000
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❤️ Success Rate ~82%
🌏 Popular Slavic countries with brides Ukraine, Poland, Czech
💰 Average cost of Slavic bride $6,100 — $15,000
⌛ Average age of Slavic bride 24 y.o.
💑 Best Slavic dating site FindEuropeanBeauty
💔 Average divorce rate ~17%
⚖️ Is it legal? Yes

The problem is that modern Western ladies do not want to agree with this statement. Your girlfriends told you they didn’t want a serious relationship. But do not despair – you will still meet true love. If you are looking for women for marriage, then Slavic mail order brides would be a great choice. And professional matrimonial services will help you meet your love.

Beautiful Mail-Order Brides Profiles

Emilia 26 y.o.
Anna 29 y.o.
Valery 32 y.o.
Vlada 25 y.o.
Elena 22 y.o.
Olga 27 y.o.
Kristina 29 y.o.
Sophia 27 y.o.
Irina 32 y.o.
Nastya 30 y.o.
Maria 30 y.o.
Mary 27 y.o.
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Beautiful Slavic Brides Characteristics

Slavic race lives in Eastern Europe. These are the former Warsaw Treaty states (Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia) and the republics of the USSR (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus). All countries have a very rich history and strong spiritual culture.

Charming Beauty

The whole world knows about the beautiful looks of beautiful Slavic women. For different historical periods in the territory of Eastern Europe, different peoples have visited. Therefore, Slavic women can be different – with light or dark skin, and brown, green, or blue eyes, but they will all be charming. And they will have a special feature – this is a charming smile and sincere kindness and tenderness in their beautiful eyes. Even after a long time of family life, you will admire the Slavic bride for the first time.

slavic bride

Great Character

If you want to know what ideal family life is, then you should choose the Slavic mail order bride. Family is the main value for them, and they know how to support in difficult times. Moreover, Slavic women have wonderful temper, they do not like quarrels or conflicts, so your marriage will be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Elegant Soulmate

Pretty Slavic mail order brides have a natural sense of style. These ladies know how to create a magnificent image. It doesn’t matter if it is an evening outfit or a light cocktail dress – your bride will look great.

Energy, Tenderness, and Passion

Perhaps these three feelings are central to the character of the Slavic mail-order brides. You will not be sad next to them, because Slavic mail order brides have an excellent sense of humor and love jokes. You can forget about the boring family life if you choose Slavic women for marriage. But if difficult times come in your life, they will become excellent support and will help you in this case. Moreover, they will rejoice at your successes, and every time you return home, delight you with tenderness and a warm hug.

Soul Mate

For an ideal relationship, it’s not enough just to choose a beautiful girl. She must share your beliefs and life values. Slavic brides will be a great option because these women can rejoice in your success. Besides, they have an excellent education, which makes them wonderful interlocutors in any conversation.

Pleasant Character

Slavic women for marriage are a great choice because they know how to respect their husbands. They are brought up with respect for traditional values ​​and know how important it is to respect a spouse and be faithful. And they will give all their tenderness only to you, joyfully realizing all their fantasies.

hot slavic girl

Your Personal Comfort

If you started dating Slavic women, then every night you try to get home as soon as possible. After all, she created a real coziness here. This is great when your apartment or house turns into a real paradise. Besides, your children will see what ideal relationships are based on love, trust, and mutual respect.

Liz 44 y.o.
Location Kharkiv
Occupation Writer
Agata 37 y.o.
Location Moscow
Occupation Photographer
Elena 39 y.o.
Location Kyiv
Occupation Doctor

Settle Down With A Slavic Bride: Tips And Ideas

Beautiful Slavic wives are some of the most desirable women in the world. They are intelligent, stylish, believe in traditional values, and are beautiful. Most men are attracted to Slavic mail order brides because of their distinguishing beauty.

The following article focuses on Slavic brides and in what locations to find them. The article also reveals how much it costs to find and date a Slavic bride, plus some other useful data.

Best Slavic Dating Sites

Slavic Dating Sites Description Website
SlavicDate Connects individuals with Slavic singles looking for relationships. ?
LoveSwans A platform that offers a wide selection of Slavic brides for dating and marriage. ?
Elena’s Models A trusted dating site specializing in connecting Western men with Slavic women. ?
RussianCupid A popular dating site focused on helping individuals find Russian partners. ??
UkraineDate A dating site catering to individuals interested in Ukrainian dating and relationships. ??

Top Countries To Find Slavic Wife

Slavs mainly live in the location people refer to as Eastern Europe. These countries occupy about 50% of Europe. Each country has a long history and a distinguishing culture. Typically, the most popular countries to visit are:

Depending on the location you choose to encounter a Slavic bride, women will look differently. For example, in Croatia and Bulgaria Slavic mail order brides are often tanner. In Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia Slavic brides have paler skin and lighter hair.

Overall, Slavic brides have several things in common, for instance, religion, family values, etc.

Typically, Slavic brides are of average height, with paler skin and light eye colors.

Slavic mail order brides prefer studying to obtain a major degree and pursuing the careers of their dreams. It’s also typical for them to keep their jobs after marriage. However, Slavic brides often take care of the household and raise children.

It’s simply because it is uncommon for men to take paternity leaves like in such countries as Switzerland, Sweden, etc. In the past, Slavic brides used to work while simultaneously doing all the jobs related to household and raising children. Some Slavic brides still do that. However, most Slavic mail order brides prefer their husbands to help them.

slav girls

Overall, Slavic females have strong personalities, and they aren’t afraid of difficulties. This hard-working nature and amazing natural beauty are two main factors that attract men from abroad.

What Are The Differences Between Slavic Mail Order Brides?

Before engaging in Slavic women dating, it’s wise to learn about Slavs’ peculiarities. Note: the majority of the population of these countries are Christians. So, dating shouldn’t be too complicated in comparison to dating in Muslim countries. The dating process is the same.


However, one can name a few differences in mentality. Before we dive into some distinctive peculiarities of Slavic mail order brides, check the table below:

Family values+++
Acception of traditional gender roles+
Ability to compromise+++
Acception of motherhood++

Given that most Slavic brides are actually Europeans, there aren’t that many differences between them and the collective West. However, it’s possible to distinguish a few traits which make Slavic mail order brides stand out:

As you see, there aren’t as many differences. It’s great news since dating shouldn’t be a problem. It’s still a good idea to learn more about Slavic brides from each country, and their traditions. As mentioned in this article, there are several Slav countries, and each has peculiarities.

slavonic blonde

Slavic Mail Order Bride and Dating Tips

An average Slavic girl doesn’t want to hook up, although you may find Slavic mail order brides who aren’t against having some fun. But overall, Slavs have traditional values. Some of the main goals in life for them are studying when you are young, getting a job, falling in love, and getting married. Then most couples want kids. In some cases, these mentioned stages overlap, some Slavic mail order brides get married while studying.

The average age of Slavic mail order brides is around 25-30, some are older, others are younger. So, given the mentioned data, the first and most important tip is to clearly deliver your intentions. If you want to hook up with a Slavic bride, be honest with her. Other useful tips include:

Overall, dating Slavic brides feels like dating any other woman. So, there should be no problems.

European Countries Marriage Rate


How Much Does A Slavic Mail Order Brides Cost?

Slavic bride cost

The cost depends on the country. In this case, the cost of a Slavic mail order bride means how much it will cost to start dating. This section of the article focuses on various options and their costs. It also aims to estimate how much it should cost to move into the chosen country, and how much it will cost.

You have three options to encounter Slavic ladies, it’s also possible to combine some of these options to achieve better results. The options are as follows:

Some men may also be interested in trying to find immigrants in their countries. It’s common for Slavs to move to other countries. So, there are many beautiful Slav women abroad. However, it may be a tedious process. Consider facilitating the idea by using dating websites. Use filters to specify the national heritage of a lady you wish to meet.

The most affordable way to encounter a Slavic wife is to use dating apps. Typically, the cost of using an app for a month is around $25-$35. It gets better when the user decides to purchase a longer subscription. Usually, a high-quality dating website will cost about $350 a year to find a Slavic mail order bride.

The good thing about dating apps is their ease of usage and good results when seeking Slavic mail order brides. Using a dating app is similar to being on social media. It’s nothing difficult, you just use filters to encounter gorgeous single Slavic ladies. And such platforms provide users with great results since initially, people speak with singles with similar interests.

However, if a guy wants to travel to a chosen country to meet beautiful Slavic mail order brides in person, he just needs to choose a destination. If you take a look at the section of this article named “Main countries to find Slavic brides”, you will see the best countries to travel to and meet Slavic mail order brides.

The good news is that these countries are cheaper in terms of moving in. For instance, if you would want to live in such countries as France, Switzerland, or Germany, it would cost a lot more money. However, such countries as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, or Croatia are rather affordable. If you can work remotely, it’s a great idea to move to one of the countries to seek Slavic mail order brides.

Moving to a chosen country is a better idea than simply traveling. Slavic brides believe in traditional values. Slavic mail order brides may not trust men who just temporarily visit the country. It will seem from their point of view that you just want to hook up and have fun. If it’s impossible for you to work remotely while living in a foreign country, it’s cheaper and more useful to use dating apps to seek Slavic brides.

Overall, if you spend a year seeking a bride online, it will cost about $350. Then if you decide to visit your Slavic bride in her country, it will depend on how long you will stay. The average cost of finding a Slavic mail order bride is from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the country and period of staying abroad.

Calculate How Much Slavic Wife’s Cost

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Slavic Bride

Check the table below for quick facts about Slavic mail order brides.

Slavic bride will take care of you and your kids.Slavic mail order bride may be hot-tempered.
Slavic mail order bride will remain faithful. 
Slavic bride is willing to compromise. 
Slavic mail order bride wants to have a full family with kids. 
Slavic bride can become a housewife if necessary. 

As you now know, Slavic brides are faithful, intelligent, and beautiful. But the biggest advantage of marrying a Slavic mail order bride is them being of “marriage material”. Slavic brides become perfect wives and amazing mothers!

Choosing the Right Matrimonial Service To Find Slavic Brides

There are many matrimonial services online that offer you to meet the single woman of your dreams. But not all companies work efficiently. A professional Slavic wife finder should have important benefits.


Perfect First Date with the Slavic Woman For Marriage

So, you have registered on the site with charming Slavic mail order brides. You even started chatting with a beautiful lady who can become your bride. You need to meet her and learn more about her character. Remember that the first date should be perfect.

slavonic beautiful woman

Love Stories of Slavic Mail-Order Brides and Foreign Men

Success Story #1 Image
Zane and Anastasia RealEuropeanBeauty logo

Anastasia is a 25 years-old Slavic bride and Zane is a 45 years-old western men are a happily married couple who met online. They bonded over their shared interests in art, history, and travel, and soon realized that they were perfect for each other. Their friends and family are amazed at how well their relationship has progressed, and they credit online dating with helping them find the perfect partner.

Success Story #2 Image
Austin and Svetlana CharmRomance logo

Svetlana and Austin are one of the many success stories of online dating. After meeting on a Russian bride site, the two hit it off and soon began dating long-distance. Things progressed quickly, and after just six months of dating, Blake proposed to Svetlana. She said yes, and the two were married in a beautiful ceremony in Russia. They now live in the US with their two children and are very happy.

Success Story #3 Image
Stetson and Kristina FindEuropeanBeauty logo

When Stetson saw Kristina's profile, something about her caught his eye. She was beautiful. And so they started dating online... It turned out that they had a lot in common. They loved the outdoors, they both loved to travel. It wasn't long before Stetson knew that he wanted to marry Kristina. And so one sunny day in May, he flew to her home country of Slovakia to ask for her hand in marriage. Kristina was overjoyed when Stetson proposed.


Slavic brides make excellent wives because they are beautiful, loyal, and have traditional family values. If you are looking for a wife who will be by your side forever, then you should definitely consider marrying a Slavic bride.

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