A Comprehensive Guide On Israeli Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

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International dating is common these days. We may have more in common with people from abroad compared to locals. If you’re a guy who can’t find a local bride, consider dating Israeli brides. They are loving, devoted, and amazing mothers. Before we delve into details, check out this comprehensive table:

Top Cities To Find A Israeli Bride:Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem, Haifa, Petah Tiqwa.
Average Israeli Mail Order Bride Age:Around 26-28 years. 
Average Israeli Mail Order Brides Price:Around $10,000 to $22,800 (depending on how long you stay in Israel and in what city).
Success Rate Of Marriages With Israeli Wives:Around 70%.
Israeli Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:Around 30%. 

Israeli Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

For an unknown reason, Israeli brides rarely appear on foreign men’s radars. Instead, men choose to date Italian or French girls, completely missing out on the opportunity of checking other options. Israeli brides are known to be perfect wives and loving mothers, and these features make them perfect partners.

Israeli Brides

Israeli brides are extremely intelligent, apart from being beautiful. They have an amazing sense of humor. Most Israeli brides have many interests and aspirations in life, so they dedicate their time to reaching their goals. However, they have traditional family values. 

One of the major reasons why Israeli brides suit foreign men perfectly is that these women are supportive and loving partners. Israeli women prefer to keep their jobs to support the family financially while dedicating their free time to their husbands and kids. 

Pros And Cons Of Israeli Women For Marriage 



Israeli Women

Cost Of An Israeli Mail Order Bride

You probably understand that you can’t buy Israeli wife, so what’s with the cost of an Israeli bride? What does it mean? Most people believe that to find an Israeli woman, they must travel to the said country. Yes, it’s one of the most obvious methods, although it’s not the only option in this day and age.

However, traveling to Israel means spending money. You spend money as a U.S citizen (provided you’re from the U.S and seeking a bride from Israel). If you’ll travel to Israel, you’ll be spending on similar things, such as rent, utility bills, food, etc. The good news is that living in Israel is more affordable compared to living in the U.S. 

Typically, men spend around $1,000 per month without rent. Rent costs around $800-$900. Thus, you may spend around $1,900 each month while living in Israel. Suppose you stay in Israel for a year; it should cost you around $22,800. If you find an Israeli bride during that year, then that’s the cost of an Israeli wife! However, there are other convenient methods of finding an Israeli wife.

Only around two decades ago, singles were using marriage agencies. Today, we can use dating websites that work as marriage agencies. Instead of a real person, a marriage agent, finding an Israeli bride, an AI algorithm does the job. Your task is to communicate your preferences and answer questions from the questionnaire clearly. The matchmaking algorithm considers your answers and matches your profile with compatible women.

The marriage site, or an Israeli mail order bride site, in this case, filters through thousands of singles. Thus, you get a list of compatible Israeli women to choose from. The rest is up to you: contact an Isareli woman you like and start chatting. If you match each other, meet in person. If not, keep searching.

The usage of Israeli mail order bride sites enables men seeking Israeli brides to stick to their everyday routines. It’s a substitution for traveling to Israel in case you can’t work remotely and leave your homeland for too long. Now, check the comparison of prices in the table below. 

Dating online on Israeli mail order bride websites.Up to $300 yearly.
Dating Israeli girls for marriage in Israel. Up to $22,800 yearly. 
Israeli Women For Marriage

Reasons Why Israeli Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men

According to the benefits mentioned in this article, there are many reasons of marrying an Israeli woman. However, why should you, a foreigner, consider finding an Israeli bride? Is she a perfect match in your case? 

Israeli brides are perfect for men who want to feel the love of their wives. If you like women who dedicate themselves to their husbands and children, then you should like single Israeli ladies. However, you should also note that Israeli women are emotionally strong and independent. They typically prefer keeping their jobs and working on their careers. Still, their religion states that marriage is one of the most important things in life.

If you find Israeli wife and marry her, she will become your life partner. Israeli women are devoted and supportive wives. They are extremely wise and help their men overcome difficulties. She will be your equal partner. 

Places To Get An Israeli Bride

Now that you know how much an Israeli mail order wife costs approximately, where can you meet a suitable lady? Here are two main methods to consider. 


The cheapest and most effective way to meet love is to use a dating website. Yes, it takes a while. Yes, you will encounter weird people who don’t match you. However, it’s still a more active search than doing nothing at al. 

You can meet an Israeli bride online if you communicate your preferences clearly. You should state what women you prefer, from what country, their possible hobbies and habits, appearance, etc. Use filters and other tools to narrow down your options to the most suitable ones. 

bride from Israel


Other two options are related to meeting brides from Israel in person. Check whether you have a local community in your state that consists of people from Israel. You may encounter a bride while visiting events they organize. If not, then the obvious option is to travel to Israel. The best idea is to visit the most populated cities in Israel, such as Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem, Haifa, and Petah Tiqwa. 

Love Stories With Brides From Israel

Some men have already met their love from Israel. Consider reading their success stories if you’re still hesitant about whether you should start dating women from Israel:

Author Conclusion

Israeli brides combine physical attractiveness with intellect. This combination makes them charming and hot. They know how to make their husbands happy because Israeli brides know the secrets to being happy!


Can I Mail Order A Bride?

You can meet Israeli brides online by using filters: that’s exactly what means “mail order.” However, you can’t buy or order anyone to become your wife. The term “mail order bride” indicates that there is a woman ready to marry a foreigner. The guy is a mail order husband. A mail order bride website is a serious dating site like Match or InternationalCupid. For instance, you can say that JWed is an Israeli mail order bride website since it enables foreigners to find Israeli women.

What Is The Best Israeli Mail Order Bride Site?

Consider using such websites as JWed, InternationalCupid, Match, eHarmony, Elite Singles, Bumble, and even Tinder. Israeli women aren’t against using dating apps to find true mates, so you should be lucky. Today, it’s fairly common to use online apps by Israeli women since everyone wants to love and to be loved. These websites offer meaningful connections and useful tools to find soulmates.

How Many Singles In Israel?

There is no data stating how many single Israeli females or males are in the country. However, the entire Israel population is about to reach 10 million. Half of the country’s population is female. Thus, one can assume there are 5 million Israeli women. Visiting the most populated cities in the said country should give you great chances of finding a single Israeli mail order bride. If not, consider using online sites with Israeli women looking for American men.

Do They Speak English?

If you meet Israeli women, the language barrier shouldn't worry you. Around 84.97% of the Israeli population speak fluent English. It's around 6.2 million people, according to the most recent data. The rest of the population can speak basic English. So, don't worry about the language barrier. Whether you use a dating website or travel to Israel, communication should be easy.

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