A Comprehensive Guide On Georgian Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

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Many men understand that the woman they might have the best marriage with isn’t necessarily living in the same country or city. That’s why many prefer seeking wives abroad. For instance, Georgian brides are rather popular among men due to their peculiarities! Check out the article to learn more about Georgian mail order brides.

Top Cities To Find An Georgian Bride:Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi.
Average Georgian Mail Order Bride Age:27 years.
Average Georgian Mail Order Brides Price:$8,400 to $13,800 (costs depend on where you seek a bride and where she lives).
Success Rate Of Marriages With Georgian Wives:Around 60%.
Georgian Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:Around 18.84%

Georgian Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

Do not get confused; Georgia is a small European country (with a bit of its territory on the Asian continent), and it’s not a U.S state. It’s an extremely beautiful country that you may fall in love with! It has majestic mountains, access to the sea, and spectacular nature. Georgia has delicious wine, rich and nearly ancient culture, and very attractive women.

Georgian brides are like no other women. It’s nearly impossible to generalize a Georgian woman, but some peculiarities are common. For instance, most Georgian mail order brides are curvy, of average height, and have luscious dark hair. Their magnificent, enigmatic dark eyes look deep into your soul and promise amazing things.

Georgian Brides

Traditionally, Georgian wives are hearth keepers. They take care of the household, cook delicious food, and raise children. However, things have changed a bit, and society keeps adjusting. Georgian brides, especially in populated areas, prefer to be more independent. They work hard and achieve success when it comes to a career ladder. However, they still have traditional values.

If you believe that things like career, financial stability, and success are important, but are nothing without a family, then you will like Georgian mail order wives. Georgian women believe in all these things, but they are never against having a full family with children. Georgian women are extremely beautiful. Their unique beauty can’t be compared to the beauty of other women. So, if you want to find a supportive, loving, intelligent, and attractive wife, then consider Georgian women. 

Pros And Cons Of Georgian Women For Marriage 



Georgian Women

Cost Of An Georgian Mail Order Bride

The cost of a Georgian bride depends on your spending habits. Living in Georgia is extremely affordable and fun. Some travelers report it’s possible to spend from $15 to $500 a day. It depends on where you stay and what entertainment locations you visit. 

Consider that you have to rent an apartment if you’re staying longer. It’s cheaper and much more convenient than staying at a hotel or motel. You get your space, can cook whatever you prefer, etc. 

Renting is affordable in Georgia, even if you stay in Tbilisi, which is the capital, where prices are always higher. You can find apartments for $700 for rent, or even lower if you want. However, luxurious-looking apartments will cost around $1,500 per month.

Suppose you found an apartment in Georgia to find a Georgian wife. It costs $1,300. Living in Georgia is affordable, but let’s imagine you spend around $30 daily, which is $900 per month. Maintenance bills rarely exceed $100. So, you spend around $2,300 monthly in Tbilisi. It takes at least half a year to choose a bride after you meet Georgian women. So, a Georgian mail order bride costs around $13,800. Again, these costs can be adjusted. 

If you want to “buy Georgian wife,” you may also consider using online dating websites. You’ll still have to meet her, and you’ll probably travel to Georgia, but it should be cheaper overall. Using dating websites is more efficient since you have time to chat online with a Georgian woman. If you like her, you can travel to Georgia and stay there for around a month or two to see if you match. 

Thus, you have a more cost-effective way to find a Georgian girl for marriage. Suppose you use a Georgian mail order bride platform for a year, so it’s up to $300. Then you visit Georgia, and spend two months there, which is around $4,600. So, finding a Georgian wife may cost you only around $5,000. 

You can take a look at the table below. It shows the average costs of a Georgian mail order bride. 

When using dating services to find a Georgian bride:Around $100-$300 per year.
When traveling to Georgia:Around $8,000 to $13,800. 
Georgian Women For Marriage

Reasons Why Georgian Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men

It’s a known fact that today, most women prefer focusing on their careers. That’s how it works in most prosperous countries. Women don’t want to get married or have children. However, there are still many men in these countries who have traditional values. They would like to meet women who share these values. Georgia is a country where women with traditional values want to marry people.

Thus, Georgian brides and foreign men are meant to meet each other. Georgian women are typically ready to move to another country and start a family. 

Places To Get A Georgian Bride

You can use two main options if you want to find Georgian wife. These options include offline methods (traveling to a beautiful country called Georgia or finding local minorities) or using online dating apps. Let’s dive into the details of each method. 


Dating apps are perfect for spotting Georgian women looking for American men. When visiting Georgia, you don’t know what women are willing to marry foreigners. Some Georgian women aren’t fond of the idea of marrying anyone but locals or moving out of the country because of marriage.

The usage of Georgian mail order wife websites lets you spot Georgian women willing to marry foreigners. Single men can use generic mainstream websites or niche Georgian mail order bride websites. 


Another option includes finding Georgian females offline. Here you have two more options: traveling to Georgia or finding local Georgian communities in your city, state, or country. The first option is more enjoyable since Georgia is an extremely beautiful country with may attractions. If you’re planning to visit Georgia, consider visiting the most populated cities mentioned in the table at the beginning of this article. 

bride from Georgia

Love Stories With Brides From Georgian Country 

It takes time and effort to find someone online, but it’s worth a shot. Check out these success stories if you’re still hesitant about whether to use online websites to find a Georgian bride:

Author Conclusion

If you’re planning to settle down and want to find a wife from a different country, definitely consider Georgian brides. Typically, Georgian brides make men happy. They are smart, wise, attractive, and sexy. Georgian women become perfect mothers, and they perfectly combine married and professional life to provide financial support for the family. 


Can I Mail Order A Bride?

Technically, you can’t “mail order” a bride from Georgia. However, you can use dating websites. The phrase Georgian mail order bride means a woman using an international website to find a husband from abroad. If you’re seeking foreign women on such sites, you’re a mail order husband.

What Is The Best Georgian Mail Order Bride Site?

Consider using eHarmony, Higher Bond, Hinge, InternationalCupid, or Tinder, if you're visiting Georgia. It's common for Georgian brides to use these websites. First, they are into the online dating game. Second, when Georgian brides seek men from abroad, they use mainstream websites popular in the U.S and Europe.

How Many Singles In Georgia?

Georgia is a small country with a population of around 3.7 million. Typically, younger Georgian brides are single, but most manage to get married by the age of thirty. There is no official data about singles in Georgia, but given the population, it isn’t high. The best advice is to visit the most populated cities, or use dating websites, to find single Georgian ladies.

Do They Speak English?

Yes, Georgian people overall speak English at least at a basic level. If you’re planning to visit Georgia, visit the most populated cities. People in big cities are used to foreigners, and they can speak English. Or consider using dating sites to find English-speaking Georgian brides. Typically, Georgian brides add this type of data to their profiles.

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