A Comprehensive Guide On French Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

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Typically, when men want to date someone from abroad, they think about French brides. Yes, they may consider women from other countries, but more often than not, French women appear in their minds. No wonder; French brides are naturally attractive, effortlessly sexy, and have a great sense of style. 

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Top Cities To Find A French Bride:Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice. 
Average French Mail Order Bride Age:Around 30 years. 
Average French Mail Order Brides Price:Around $15,000 to $30,000 (depending on where you’re staying and for how long.)
Success Rate Of Marriages With French Wives:Around 65%.
French Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:Around 55%. 
French Brides

French Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

Yes, French brides are great partners, despite what some people say. Women from France are flirty and charming, which is why many men believe they aren’t serious. However, the reality is different. Women from France won’t feel good without love. They want to experience butterflies in their stomachs, the thrill of kissing a man for the first time, feel the adrenaline in their veins from meeting someone suitable, etc.

Women from France will spend a lot of time finding the right guy. This is one of the reasons why some people believe French brides aren’t good partners. In reality, when French brides fall in love, it’s for good. They are devoted wives and great mothers. French brides are loving and caring; they never forget about their role of being wives. Unlike some women, French brides never forget that they are loving wives. So, French brides are perfect partners. 

Pros And Cons Of French Women For Marriage 



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Cost Of A French Mail Order Bride

Most people believe that living in France is expensive, but that’s not the case. If you’re from the U.S and want to find a French wife, you should know that it’s cheaper to live in France. It’s not as cheap as living in other countries, but most Americans can afford the trip. According to most estimations, one month in France costs around $2,500 to $2,500. 

So, if you stay in France for half a year and manage to find a French bride, the search should cost around $15,000. If you stay in France for a year, then the search should cost around $30,000. 

However, it’s cheaper and more effective to use French mail order bride websites to find a French woman. It’s easier to encounter French women looking for American men by using filters. Then men could travel to France since they already knew a woman they liked and might want to marry. This combination of using a dating website and traveling to France is a perfect option to find love. Now, check the table with the costs below. 

Dating French women online on dating websites.From $100 to $300 annually. 
Dating French women in France.$15,000-30,000 (per seix months, per year).

Reasons Why French Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men

You may admire French wives and are at the point in life where you can seriously consider marriage, but would she be a good match for you as a foreigner? Undoubtedly, French brides are extremely attractive, elegant, and desirable by many men. But are they good wives? And is it possible to start dating a French woman?

Yes, to all the questions above! A French wife is exactly who you need to be happy. French wives are admired by western guys, and there are many reasons for this admiration. One reason is that a typical French girl for marriage isn’t just beautiful but also knows the secret of eternal youth! It seems French women look the same when they’re in their 30s or late 40s!

meet French women

Another reason is French wives’ devotion and willingness to work hard on their romantic relationships. It doesn’t matter for French brides matter how much effort it may take to be happy in marriage; they will do whatever it takes. Thus, you have higher chances to preserve your marriage even during crisis times that occur before every couple. 

A typical French wife is also a caring and loving mother. However, a French woman doesn’t forget to spend her love on her beloved partner. We all know the story: a woman is hot and loves her husband, but everything ends when she becomes a mother. 

Some men might feel selfish that they want their wives to pay attention to them despite having children, but let’s be real: it’s essential for a happy marriage. If you’re into marrying a French woman, you shouldn’t worry that she will stop caring for you. French brides never forget about their partners. 

Places To Get An French Bride

If you prefer to find a French wife rather than settle with someone local, you have several options. If you live in France, then you don’t have to figure ways at all. However, not everyone is lucky to be born in France, but that doesn’t mean one can’t find a French bride elsewhere. Overall, there are two big methods of finding a French woman, so let’s delve into the details. 


If traveling to France isn’t an option, then consider using French mail order bride websites. It’s a great and affordable alternative to traveling. Most men still prefer to travel to France since they have t meet their French brides in person before getting married: that’s rather obvious. However, the usage of French mail order bride websites allows men to save a ton of money since they don’t have to stay for too long in the country. 


The good news is that you can find a bride from France in the country without overspending. It’s slightly cheaper to live in France than in the U.S. Most travelers estimate their costs of around $2,000 to $2,500. So, if it’s possible, the best solution is to use the French mail order bride website to find a French wife and then travel to the country and stay there for as long as you can to date in person. 

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Love Stories With Brides From France

If you’re still hesitant to meet French women, some success stories could help you make up your mind. You would be surprised, but there are many success stories that tell about encounters of foreigners with gorgeous French brides:

Author Conclusion

The good news for men is that they can easily meet French women for marriage today in the era of globalization and dating apps. Some people prefer to travel since they have time and funds and can work remotely. Others can’t travel, so they opt to use online dating websites. No matter the chosen search method, there are thousands of success stories of foreign men meeting beautiful French women. 

Overall, dating in France is slightly different than dating in any other country. It may take a while to meet French brides who you can charm. French brides are very good at being charming and flirty, so you have to upgrade your flirting skills before approaching French women. 


Can I Mail Order A Bride?

No, and you also can't buy French wife. The “mail order” part merely means that a man seeking a French mail order bride can set specific search parameters to find a perfect wife. The man may use filters that indicate his preferred body type, personality, and other qualities. However, one can’t buy or mail order a French mail order bride. Dating websites are based on the consent and desire of singles to find compatible partners worldwide.

What Is The Best French Mail Order Bride Site?

Consider using one of the following dating websites:, Bumble, Lovoo, Happn, Match, eHarmony, Elite Singles, Tinder, and other apps. These apps are fairly popular among French mail order brides, so you should have luck finding a single beautiful French bride. Tinder is mostly useful if you’re traveling to France and plan to stay in the country for some time.

How Many Singles In France?

According to one study conducted from 2006 to 2018, the number of single people in France has increased. More single French ladies prefer to get married when they reach 30 or are older. Today, more than 40% of the population in France is single. There is no data on how many ladies or gentlemen are single in France, but the number should be big, given that France’s population is almost 68 million people.

Do They Speak English?

The bad news is that only 20% of the French population can speak fluent English. Around 40% speak basic English. The good news is that more young people today are eager to learn English as their second language, so you still have good chances of not facing a language barrier when seeking a French mail order bride.

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