A Comprehensive Guide On Dutch Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

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Typically, when men think about women from Europe, they consider French or Italian ladies. Some men consider girls from Sweden as they know about their cold beauty. However, men should consider Dutch brides. These women are equally as beautiful as mentioned ladies, yet they have other advantages. Check out the table below before we dive into the details. 

Best Girls Profiles

> 2 800
girls online
≈ 3 300
visits per day
≈ 3 200
girls online
> 6 000
visits per day
> 2 800
girls online
> 4 000
visits per day
Top Cities To Find A Dutch Bride:Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht, and others.
Average Dutch Mail Order Bride Age:Around 30 years. 
Average Dutch Mail Order Brides Price:Around $24,000. 
Success Rate Of Marriages With Dutch Wives:Around 60%.
Dutch Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:Around 40%-50%. 
Dutch Brides

Dutch Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

Typical Dutch girls have all the right qualities to become perfect Dutch wives. They are loving and caring, and these qualities make them perfect wives and mothers. You may have heard that singles in the Netherlands aren’t too traditional, and that’s true. However, straight people have similar desires to the ones of other people: they want to love and to be loved. Their idea of a perfect life is to afford a comfortable living and travel the world but have a family.

A typical Dutch wife isn’t just beautiful and attractive; she’s also smart and supports her family financially. Let’s be real; only the richest men prefer when their wives stay at home. The modern economy requires both partners to work if they want to live comfortably and raise children. Thus, a Dutch bride is a perfect partner. She’s supportive, not just mentally. 

If a man is marrying a Dutch woman, he acquires a partner. By this, we mean that a Dutch woman won’t leave you in times of need. She’ll be by your side even if you’ll be in the middle of a struggle.

Pros And Cons Of Dutch Women For Marriage 



Dutch Women

Cost Of An Dutch Mail Order Bride

If you came across the phrase “buy Dutch wife,” you may be confused. However, we have a simple explanation: the cost of a bride means the cost of living in the Netherlands. Most people assume that if a guy is seeking Dutch mail order wives, he plans to travel and live for a while in the Netherlands. That’s where the phrase came from.

You should be happy to learn that the cost of living in the Netherlands is lower compared to living in the U.S. Most people spend around €800-€1,000 monthly without rent. The rent is around €800-€900. So, you should expect to spend under €2,000 per month; it’s around the same amount in dollars. 

Suppose it takes around a year to find Dutch wife. It means you spend around $24,000 to find a Dutch bride. If you’re interested in a more cost-effective method of finding a Dutch mail order bride, then consider using dating websites. A year of using a dating website costs around $100-$300, depending on the platform. 

Most users still travel to the Netherlands, but they do so after finding a bride. Quite often, Dutch females travel to the U.S since they like traveling and don’t mind visiting their boyfriends. However, that’s a much more affordable option. When people meet online and chat for a while, they can figure out whether they like each other. If they do, they can meet in person. It takes less time to date in person to figure out whether you like each other.

Moreover, a combination of these two methods is more suitable for people who can’t work remotely or go on long vacations. They can communicate online while not changing their everyday routines. It’s also worth mentioning that Dutch women looking for American men prefer using online websites. Here’s a table for you to check out average prices depending on the method of dating you use.

Dating in the Netherlands:Around $24,000 and more per year. 
Dating on Dutch mail order bride websites:$100-$300 yearly.
meet Dutch brides

Reasons Why Dutch Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men

Some men prefer stay-at-home wives so they can take care of the household and raise children. Others want their loved ones to keep their jobs if they want to. In the Netherlands, most Dutch women want to keep their jobs. First, they want to be independent and afford a comfortable living. Dutch women love traveling and enjoying other aspects of modern life. 

Second, they want to support their families financially. When both partners in the family work, they can easily support their children. Moreover, they can afford a comfortable living. Getting married to a Dutch wife who’s intelligent and beautiful is a double win.

Most foreign men prefer Dutch brides due to their beauty, independence, and intelligence. One can say that there are women who become perfect wives and women who are of perfect partner material. Dutch brides definitely belong to the second category. If you marry a Dutch bride, she will support you, yet she won’t hesitate to tell you if something’s wrong.

Communication with a Dutch wife is easy. If she has some remarks, she won’t hesitate to tell you about them calmly. Men don’t have to guess what’s wrong, and they know exactly what’s wrong since Dutch brides are very straightforward. 

However, this peculiarity doesn’t make a Dutch wife less compassionate or affectionate. On the contrary, spending time with Dutch women is one of the best experiences. They are funny, very friendly, and hospitable.

single Dutch ladies

Places To Get A Dutch Bride

Some men are lucky, and they meet Dutch brides in the U.S. It’s typical for Dutch women to travel or study abroad, so the chances are high. However, most men aren’t so lucky. That’s when they choose to visit the Netherlands. Others prefer online methods. So, what should you choose as an option to find a Dutch wife? Let’s dive into the details of each method. 


One of the most accessible and affordable methods of finding a true mate is using online dating websites. You can create an account on a serious dating website to find a suitable bride. Choose Dutch mail order bride websites since they offer international services. Such sites are Match, eHarmony, InternationalCupid, etc. 


As you may have already figured out, two offline methods are meeting Dutch women in the Netherlands or in the U.S. There might be a Dutch community in your state or city, so you can meet a Dutch woman. However, the better option is to travel to the Netherlands. First, it’s fun. Second, it’s a more effective option.

Another great idea is to combine online and offline methods. Use online dating websites and specify that you want to find a Dutch woman. The matchmaking system will offer profiles of women who suit you. The woman may live nearby or in the Netherlands. You can talk for a while to see whether you fit each other. If everything works, you can meet in person. 

bride from The Netherlands

Love Stories With Brides From The Netherlands

If you’re still thinking about whether you should start using Dutch mail order bride websites, here are a few success stories that might convince you:

Author Conclusion

Dutch brides are some of the most beautiful and intelligent women out there. Many men miss out on the opportunity of meeting Dutch brides because they focus on other women. However, they should consider marrying Dutch brides because them being “marriage material.”

Unlike most women from traditional countries, Dutch brides are more independent, yet they believe in traditional values. There are many Dutch women interested in settling down and having a traditional family with kids. Yes, there are many Dutch women in the Netherlands interested in freedom and non-traditional romantic relationships. However, there are tons of single Dutch brides who may suit your preferences. 

Consider using online dating websites if you’re seeking brides. You won’t overspend, yet you have a great chance of finding a perfect bride. You may also meet beautiful and intelligent Dutch brides on those websites. 


Can I Mail Order A Bride?

You can find a Dutch mail order wife by using filters and compatibility tests on an online dating website. But you can’t mail order someone. The term comes from the 17th century when men and women used to post their marriage proposals in newspapers. Today, if people have serious intentions and use online dating sites, they are often referred to Dutch mail order brides and mail order husbands.

What Is The Best Dutch Mail Order Bride Site?

There are many websites one can use to meet Dutch women. Some of the most popular and convenient are Match, eHarmony, Silver Singles (for older people), InternationalCupid, etc. You may also use Tinder if you’re planning to stay in the Netherlands for a while. Tinder is rather popular among Dutch women in particular.

How Many Singles In The Netherlands?

The last time the Netherlands had research on its single population was in 2016. According to that research, around 37% of the entire population of the Netherlands was single. There are more single women than men in the Netherlands. You may encounter around 30,000 single Dutch ladies, so consider visiting the most populated cities. Or use dating websites to encounter Dutch brides.

Do They Speak English?

The official language in the Netherlands is Dutch. However, a large majority (over 86%) speak English as their second language. So, you won’t face any language barriers unless you encounter a Dutch bride from those less than 14% who don’t speak English. Overall, men rarely have language barriers when they meet Dutch brides.

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